Digital Impressions (Trios)

Revolutionize Your Dental Experience with Trios Digital Impression in Spokane, WA

Welcome to a new era of dental precision and comfort at Dr. Max Molgard’s practice, ideally located for those living in Spokane, WA—including our neighbors from the picturesque South Hill neighborhood, adventurers along the Centennial Trail, and nature enthusiasts near the John A Finch Arboretum. Our adoption of the Trios Digital Impression system represents the pinnacle of dental technology, ensuring that every visit is not just a treatment but a step towards perfect dental health with unmatched accuracy and ease.

What is Trios Digital Impression?

Trios Digital Impression is an innovative dental scanning technology that has transformed the traditional approach to dental impressions. Gone are the days of goopy, uncomfortable materials and the anxiety of repeat visits to get it just right. This advanced system provides highly detailed, accurate digital images of your teeth in minutes, streamlining the process of creating veneers, crowns, bridges, and even dentures. It's a leap into the future of dentistry, right here in Spokane, WA, making dental care faster, more comfortable, and more reliable for everyone.

Why Choose Dr. Max Molgard for Your Digital Dental Needs?

Dr. Max Molgard and his team are at the forefront of incorporating digital dentistry solutions like the Trios Digital Impression system to enhance patient care. Our practice, serving both Spokane and North Spokane residents, is dedicated to providing precise, comfortable, and efficient dental treatments. Dr. Molgard’s expertise ensures that whether you're here for a simple check-up or complex restorative work, you're receiving care that's tailored to your needs with the most advanced technology available.

The Advantages of Trios Digital Impressions

Choosing Trios Digital Impressions means embracing numerous benefits:

  • Comfort: Say goodbye to traditional impression materials. Trios makes the process comfortable and hassle-free.
  • Accuracy: Enhanced precision leads to better fitting restorations and fewer adjustments.
  • Speed: Digital impressions are faster, meaning less time in the chair and quicker turnaround for treatments.
  • Safety: The non-invasive nature of the technology makes it safe for all patients, including children and those with dental anxieties.

Especially for our Spokane community, from the bustling streets near South Hill to the serene paths along the Centennial Trail, this technology means less time spent away from the things you love.

The Process of Trios Digital Scanning

When you visit Dr. Molgard’s office for a Trios Digital Scan, you’ll be comfortably seated in our state-of-the-art operatory. A small, handheld digital wand will then gently sweep around your teeth, capturing detailed images in real-time. This process is painless, quick, and immediately provides us with a 3D digital view of your teeth and their alignment, displayed on a screen for both you and Dr. Molgard to see. It's this level of detail that allows us to create restorations that are not just accurate but truly customized for you.

Who is a Candidate for Trios Digital Scanning?

Virtually every patient stepping through our doors is a candidate for the Trios Digital Scanning technology. Whether you're a busy professional from North Spokane, a family residing in the South Hill area, or a visitor from the John A Finch Arboretum exploring your dental options, this technology is adaptable to your unique dental needs, providing a seamless and efficient path to improved dental health.

Transforming Dental Care in Spokane with Trios Technology

Dr. Max Molgard’s embrace of the Trios Digital Impression system is more than just an upgrade in technology—it’s a commitment to providing the highest standard of care to the Spokane community. Our practice is proud to offer this advanced dental solution, ensuring every patient experiences the benefits of quicker, more accurate, and comfortable dental care. It's how we’re setting a new standard in dental excellence, right here in Spokane.

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